The APICS San Diego Chapter is one of the largest and oldest of over 200 chapters strategically located throughout North America and managed by individual volunteers respected as thought-leaders in operations and supply chain management in communities.

The APICS San Diego Chapter connects you to a local supply chain and operations management network. We offer education, training and professional development, with a pulse on what’s driving growth and opportunities in San Diego County. We understand the local economy and the impact key industries have on it. We’re committed to seeing the supply chain profession propel the community and the businesses in it to be the best. Whether you need to build a higher-performing supply chain, earn career-changing credentials or grow your network, APICS San Diego Chapter can get you there.



To inspire individuals and organizations toward lifelong learning and to enhance individual and organizational success.



To offer high quality education in operations and supply chain management, expand awareness of the body of knowledge, promote networking opportunities, and advance the abilities of companies and individuals in our community to compete in the global economy, while continuously improving the Chapter by focusing on our stakeholders needs.



  • The educational offerings, products and services of APICS will be market-driven and accessible on demand.
  • APICS will be recognized as the source for state-of-the-art information (Body of Knowledge) in all aspects of integrated resource management.
  • Organizations and individuals will find certification of professional expertise available through APICS of value.
  • Members will recognize APICS as a provider of value-added services and benefits to support growth and continued professional development.