Study Options

Whether you are beginning your career in operations or supply chain management or you are an experienced professional in the field, the APICS CSCP program is designed to meet the needs of working, adult learners. We provide flexible educational options that make it easier to pursue certification while you work to increase your earning potential and advance your career.

Self-Directed Learning

This study method gives you the freedom to access the course whenever you need from wherever you are and the flexibility to study anytime and anywhere, enabling you to learn in your own style at your own pace.

Instructor-Led Learning

The instructor-led format combines the APICS CSCP Learning System print and web-based components with the guidance of an experienced instructor.

  • Get the one-on-one attention and intensity of instructor-led APICS CSCP course
  • Prefer to learn in a structured classroom setting
  • Enjoy peer discussion and live instruction from a qualified instructor
  • Courses are taught in communities across the United States and around the world

APICS Interactive Learning

Fox Valley Technical College offers an online APICS CSCP course that combines the benefits of distance learning with the assistance of experienced instructors.

  • Access to online self-study tools whenever and wherever you want
  • The ability to study at your own pace
  • Class content delivered in an interactive format using quizzes, diagrams, and video presentations

Corporate Learning

Educate small or large groups of employees using APICS CSCP training materials and take advantage of volume discounts for groups of two or more. The program can be offered in a self-directed or instructor-led format at your facility. For more information on volume discounts, contact Beth Fasching, CSCP Corporate Specialist, at +1 (651) 905-2608 or [email protected].